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Position Purpose: 

Serve as the Company's Enterprise IT Architect responsible for the design and lifecycle deployment of a scalable Enterprise IT ecosystem (applications, data organization and management models, cybersecurity, and performance) to promote the effectiveness and efficiency of Company operations. Serves as the senior subject matter expert responsible for the continual design, planning, acquisition and delivery of  modern, secure corporate information technology and computational capabilities to meet  business, research and client mission requirements. Organize, oversee and lead an information technology requirements validation [collection-definition-stabilization] activity. Devise systems architectures that most effectively and efficiently address operations support, cybersecurity, and research needs. Collaborate with users, IT systems acquisition staff, and IT operations personnel to effectively acquire and implement the aforementioned architecture(s).   The successful candidate can be based in Arlington, VA / Charlottesville, VA , Austin, TX, or Atlantic City, NJ.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

- Design, document and maintain an overarching Enterprise Information Technology Architecture (EITA) based on validated requirements.

- Establish and direct an enduring requirements validation process [collection-definition-stablization] that efficiently and effectively faciliates planning, acquisition and implementation of information technology capaabilities to include: SW, HW, communications, and services.

- Robustly interact with users across the spectrum of Company activities to ensure that requirements are properly adjudicated and that users are educated sufficiently on the capacity and direction of the EITA.

-  Serve as the  Senior Advisor to Company Executives, Business Area Directors, S&T Advisors, IT Acquistion, Operations, and Cybersecurity staff on the design, acquisition, and implementation of the EITA.

- Responsible for guiding, developing and promulgating Company-wide data management policies. Advises and assists project level data management implementation and adherence to Company standards.

-  Lead corporate information technology planning to anticipate and align emerging Company needs/work flows with sound investment-acquistion in a modern and scaleable ecosystem. This function will be highly collaborative in conjunction with Company Officers, Corporate Services (IT Ops, Acquisition and Cybersecurity) and Business Area Directors.  



Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

- Direct experience designing and delivering enterprise-level computing infrastructures to, or in, a scientific or technical research or consulting organization.

- Enterprise-level IT planning experience.

- In-depth knowledge of software configuration and acquisition management.

- Practical experience and understanding of information technology services delivery and sustainment.

- Experience with enterprise-level requirements validation (collection-definition-stabilization).

- Capacity to harmonize user requirements with IT acquisition, operations and cybersecurity capacities.

- Sophisticated understanding of modern IT architectures to include: SW, HW, communications, and services.   



- BS with extensive modern IT ecosystem design and development experience. Must be knowledgable of enterprise-level computing in a distributed, research environment.  Must posses sophisticated understand of enterprise systems, cloud computing and hybrid infrastructure constructs.  Experience with multi-domain data or information security requirements (government or commercial). Familiarity with Microsoft Azure cloud configuration(s) and capacities is a plus. Familiarity or experience with Microsoft SharePoint a plus.    


Certificates and Licenses:




Active DoD or Capacity to Acquire (Required)

DHS / DOJ Clearance-Suitability or Capacity to Acquire (Required)


Supervisory Responsibilities:


Incumbent will lead initiatives, teams and other corporate forums.


Working Conditions/ Equipment:

- Most work is stationary in a traditional office setting. 

- Regular visits to laboratory or scientific research facilities for broef work periods should be expected.

- Will require regular and recurring travel between Company locations in Austin TX, Charlottesville VA, Arlington VA, and Atlantic City, NJ.

 - No required lifting.




The above job description is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of duties and standards of the position.  Incumbents will follow any other instructions, and perform any other related duties, as assigned by their supervisor.

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